Monday, April 18, 2011

The war on loose women

Social marketing has been with us a long time. It just went by other names, like "propaganda".

Buzz Feed just posted a collection of Second World War posters warning soldiers about the dangers of venereal disease from prostitutes and "procurable women".

Note how the first batch basically vilify the women as a secret enemy, while the last two put more onus of responsibility on male self-control and honour:

Ninety-eight percent?

If you sleep with a hussy, you're boning HITLER.

The pulp fiction cover style is actually kind of awesome.

This one has a Disney feel. She looks like the mirror in Snow White.

French girls: bags of trouble.

Wow. She really gets around.
Must... not... give in,,,
Friends don't let friends swive drunk.

There are more examples, including homefront messages, here.

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