Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Apple iPayforsex?

The news on ZDNet is that SugarSugar, "The world's most effective and discreet place for finding Sugar Daddy and Sugar Baby relationships" will be launching “an innovative mobile application for locating singles interested in the ’sugar’ lifestyle’” for the iPhone, iPod touch, iPad, Android, and BlackBerry on June 1st.

You can forgive the typo. They're obviously in love.
"SugarSugar.com is for generous men looking to spoil, and dynamic women looking for financial support with bills, or who just need some excitement in life! Started by a real sugar baby, SugarSugar.com only accepts true, proven sugar daddies and sugar babies, and provides a staff of sugar dating experts to help you find the perfect mutually beneficial arrangement.

Sugar Daddy relationships are as old as mankind itself. Men have a natural instinct to surround themselves with beauty, and women have always sought out the security of a mature, financially stable man. While these aren't the only qualifications for a good dating experience, they are a good place to start!

Women: never worry about money again!
Men: join the only dating site where women outnumber you by 8-to-1.

Begin finding your perfect Sugar Daddy or Sugar Baby by creating your free profile now. Start living the sweet life!"

The sweet life of transactional sex.

Nobody can believe that Apple's famously prudish App Store approved this. We'll have to see if it actually makes it through.

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  1. There's no way the grey hair wasn't shopped in both those picks.