Friday, May 27, 2011

F'd Ad Fridays: Femen emasculates NZ men (nudity)

Back in March, Ukrainian women's protest group FEMEN protested a New Zealand radio station's contest to "win a wife" in the Ukraine via one of those awful mail-order bride companies.

The winner, a winemaker known only as Greg, was so scared of the publicity that he refused to go to meet his "prize".  With characteristic subtlety, FEMEN celebrated their victory — and gave a warning to all other Kiwi men to stay away from Ukrainian sex tourism — by having this poster pasted all over Auckland:

Millions of men are now crossing their legs awkwardly.

I love the parody of Soviet propaganda.

Femen's statement (via Google Translate):The action served as a clear warning to the New Zealand men that Ukraine is not a country of sex tourism, and the Ukrainian is not a gift!

Me, I'm just trying to stay on their good side.

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