Thursday, May 5, 2011

Part ad, part film, all-Italian

Fellow Osocio blogger Tatjana Vukic shared this interesting piece of commercial cinema via Facebook.

It's a pretty steamy six-and-a-half minute romp starring Monica Bellucci, who moves effortlessly from saucy situation to saucy situation while showing off a number of underthings by Intimisssimi:

The copy at the opening says, "In the heart of very woman beats many hearts. This film is dedicated to every single one of them."

It's actually an ideal approach to branding a line of products with so much attachment to strong emotion and self-image. Like all fashion advertising, it plunges into a realm of fantasy rather than presenting the everyday reality of its target market, imbuing the brand with a mystery and allure.

What, you expected me to complain about the implicit sexism, or something? Naw, not this time.

I've lived in Italy, and sexuality and beauty in the media are perceived differently there. Advertising, especially fashion advertising, is understood to be artistic and surreal — not a template for living or a standard to live up to. (If the opposite were the case, they'd all look like they had just stepped out of the "I Hurt I am in fashion" photoblog.) This short-film-length ad is artistic enough to be watched as either.

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