Thursday, May 26, 2011

A real male fantasy in a beer ad

Instead of the typically subservient bikini bouncing babes, this Heineken ad speaks to what men really aspire to: impressing people with ability and easy charm.

I have to admit, I kind of like this ad. It's a follow-up to "The Entrance" (which was even more absurd).

I like "The Date" better.  Its absurdity reminds you of the Old Spice Guy, but instead of being the stereotype of the man women want, this dude is the man we all think women want us to be. He's handsome, talented, knows everything, and is loved by all.

You could easily question the woman's passive role in this ad, since she's only along for the ride. And that would be a fair question.

But this scene, at least, shows that she may be following his lead but is at least doing so as a co-conspirator rather than a spectator:

"I get to choose the bar next time, okay?"
The bottom line? I like it. Yet another cool ad by W+W Amsterdam.

Via Viral Videos.


  1. I dunno. Not really a fan of this one. "The Entrance" I liked. It was that fantasy that you could do anything and everyone liked you. Like, if you were in the movie Groundhog Day and had time to learn how to do anything and could bust out that knowledge at a party. Or like how in the movie 'Limitless" Bradley Cooper can speak any language and knows everything about every topic - which of course he uses to pick up hot chicks at a bar. This spot - "The Date" - feels to me like they needed another one to follow up the first so they basically matched the template but tried to make it slightly different and thus it doesn't make as much natural sense. Like the movie "The Hangover - Part 2," to continue my Bradley Cooper referrals. What's going on in the spot? Are they running away from someone? Just trying to get a seat in the restaurant? When the eels jump away from his hands - is that supposed to be an amazing talent? Why does the guy have the same floppy hairdo as in the first commercial? (Oh sorry, he's blonde this time, so we can tell the difference.) Anyway, bottom line is, I'm jealous that the character gets to date hot women and can do anything and everyone likes him, and I'm jealous of the copywriter who gets to come up with this stuff. I'm just a bitter, lonely man. That's my point. I dare anyone to refute it.