Monday, June 27, 2011

Are you ready for the age of waste-free grocery shopping?

Where I live, grocery bags are on the way out. But can you imagine shopping at a supermarket that had no product packaging whatsoever?

According to Time:

"in.gredients will sell 100% package-free products. This means shoppers have to think ahead and bring their own containers. (The store will kindly offer disposable bags in case they forget.) The store plans to sell everything regular grocery stores do—grains, seasonal produce, spices, daily products, meat, beer, wine and cleaning materials—minus the junk food."

Actually, the store bags are "compostible", which achieves their goal of not adding to landfill, but does not fully support the "package free" vision. They also support local, seasonal and ethical suppliers. And need I add that they are also brand-free?

Hmmm... isn't that called a Farmer's Market? Or a bulk food store?

Anyway, this Austin business has successfully claimed a new retail food space from a marketing point of view. It's a good idea, provided they can crowdfund it. Although I imagine it will have a fairly select target market.

I just wish their infomercial wasn't so full of (organic, local, unpackaged) cheese...

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