Friday, June 24, 2011

F'd Ad Fridays: That's... WHAT?

Blame Eve Ensler. When she started The Vagina Monologues, 15 years ago, she also began the journey of an anatomical term from being confined to doctors offices and awkward sex ed classes to everyday conversation.

Don't get me wrong, I am all for a frank and open public dialogue about sexuality. (Although I still feel that people should be more accurate when they're talking about the "vulva") But leave it to marketers to take a good thing and ruin it.

Speaking of ruining a good thing, do you not also find it ironic that Summer's Eve, a company founded on the premise that women's genitals are naturally dirty and smelly, is pretending to celebrate the very thing their product denigrates (and possibly damages)?

This fake blog, hosted by a... pussy with a fist in it (?) was started last week as a stealth effort, and outed its branding only yesterday. It is attempting to start a meme by promoting the word "vaginal" in place of "awesome" - similar to "It's OK to say 'Takei'", but not as likable. Nonetheless, it's all over Twitter today.

Now it's encouraging user submission:

"To submit a vaginal video or photo, simply upload it to your YouTube, Vimeo or Flickr account, click the SUBMIT NOW button below and email me the link. If I agree that your submission is indeed vaginal, I will gladly post it to my blog – just let me know how to attribute your genius work with your preferred user name."

But just in case you took "vaginal video" literally, it has the disclaimer that:
1. It be awesome
2. It be non-pornographic
3. You own the content
What do you think of the campaign? Personally, I hate it, but mostly because it's for a consumer brand I really detest.

If it were a campaign to get people talking about real vaginal health, like Julyna, I'd be much less of a douche about it.

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