Friday, June 24, 2011

F'd Ad Fridays: Cannes celebrates car ads for creeps

This sick little non-ad got a Press Silver Lion.

Click to enlarge, or just walk away...
This is one of those creative self-pleasuring exercises that has nothing to do with the brand or selling product, but it's nonetheless held up as the best our industry is capable of.

As Copyranter points out, "What do you expect when virtually 100% of the judges are undersexed unattractive men?"

The companion piece is even naughtier, although less creeptastic:

The agency is Moma, from São Paulo, Brazil.


  1. K, seriously. What the effin' eff was the deal with that first one?

    You need a "Horrifying" button on your Reactions thing.

    Me? I need a shower.

  2. It's an award-winner, Yandie. Don't you know that that's what it takes to earn the hardware?