Friday, June 10, 2011

F'd Ad Fridays: Hated in France

This video, from France's government body in charge of enforcing copyright, seems to have hit a nerve. The YouTube page is being barraged with dislikes and nasty comments.

As Redditt user BarnabyJones_ comments, "The latest ad campaign from the french government agency in charge of enforcing copyright laws on the internet looks like the biggest troll of all time, but it's real."

He provides this translation:

"French-slovene Emma Leprince started to sing and DJ in underground bars. With influences such as Voltaire, Zola and DJ Fritas (?), this little music prodigy brilliantly combines neo-electro with hard hitting engaged lyrics. Discover "I prefer your clone", her first international single.

French revelation of 2022 - and without Hadopi, Emma Leprince may not be able to release this single in 2022.

Hadopi - Protect today what will be created tomorrow"

Why do they hate it so much? The HADOPI Law, or "Loi favorisant la diffusion et la protection de la création sur Internet" puts the responsibility on Internet users to ensure that no unlicensed copyrighted material is passed through their IP address. In a cryptic "three-strike" process, the user goes from being warned that an infringement has taken place (without specifics), to being monitored by their ISP, and finally banned from the Internet (or at least from the ISP) for up to a year.

All to protect that poor, innocent future pop diva. Because, of course, it's all about the artists...

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