Monday, June 20, 2011

Mooncup presents: way too many synonyms for "vagina"

Mark from Osocio shared this amusing video on Twitter, for the menstrual cup manufacturer Mooncup:

The lyrics are based on user submissions from, a campaign microsite now over a year old, that talks about the product's health and environmental benefits, and invites women to share their own pet names for their pudenda.

The top entries so far (99% of which I assume were offered by my fellow men) are:

The raspberry cave, Liltulip, Lady gaga, Penis flytrap, Falangee, Vagibagi, Sashimi, Vaginator, Nether regions, La vajajay, Bananajaja, Stikkio, Vagillow, Chachina, Vajingi, Dr muffenstein, Forrie, Jabba the hutt, Farfy, Savvanah the sexi, Boof, Wahola, My little, Pakangkang, Spencer, Flamoush, Super, Pusspuss, Pussalinda, Fisse, The beach, Guhther, Gobbleitallup, Ginee, Hoo nanny, Sweet pie, Picika, Flimflam, Jungle, Jackpot, Blueberry, Love shack, Pink kryptonite, Down stairs, My love nub, Fupa, Far south, Picza, Ninny ninny nine no nu, Fanny long stockings, Off limits, Mc lovin', Candy, Cherry, Minnie the moocher, Fenella, High china, Poom, Mervis, Loo lah, Chochi, Zina princess warrior, Slug of love, Minnie ha ha, Tiffany, Geoff, Pa-cha-cha, Love bits, Milkshake, Felma, Vageesh, Moobies, Smurfette, Foef, The mouse's ear, The furry cup, Lady star, Fica, Lovesump, Ferlangee, Mucka, Woobie, Minney, The last supper, Whisker biscuit, Anne fan fanny, Bit, Foofie g, Mrs tickle, The place of no return, Basket, Funini, Place of business, Cavern of secrets, My ladybeak, Perrechooo, My delta love cave, Pink lotus, Wikerty splikerty, Fru fru :), Hairy cup, Pooey tooey, "v" reg, Pookey, Foufoune, My girlfriend, Lisbeth, Vertical smilenot, My netherlands, Firecrotch, Constance, Billie va-jean, Nou-nou, Pansy, Tropical flower, Platypussy... and literally hundreds more.

Effective user engagement, or just puerile fun? Only their sales will tell.

Meanwhile, here's the classic male version:

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