Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Smurfette goes all haute

She's come a long way from her frumpy white dress and shapeless hipster toque.

No, it's not creepy fan art. To promote the new generation Smurf movie, she's doing high fashion editorial shoots at Harper's Bazaar:

Dolce & Gabbana bag, $995, hat, $425, earrings, $225, cuff, $225, and pumps, $575

Hey wait! She sill has the frumpy dress. But she rocks it.
Lanvin hat, $1,720, gloves, $790, cuff, $1,495, necklace, $1,485, and shoes, $1,345

Louis Vuitton hat, $1,230, bag, by special order, and boots, $940

Marc Jacobs beret, $685, gloves, $400, fur bag, $4,695, socks, and shoes, $895

Quite the metamorphosis for a tiny girl who grew up in a mushroom patch with 100 guys...

Thanks to Fashionista for the tip

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