Thursday, June 16, 2011

Two good comix about the environment

These ones I saw this morning in my browsing reminded me that I really need to convince one of my cause marketing clients to do web comix. If honest and fearless, they can express complex ideas in a much more stand-out and memorable way.

This first one, posted on 9GAG and Buzzfeed, makes a very important point about all our romantic notions about the love of "Mother Earth" — a planet that has withstood at least five major extinction events prior to our evolution:

Seriously. Let's stop all our hippie mooning about what we're doing to nature, and start looking at environmental stewardship as a question of self-interest.

The second is a political editorial comic seen on The Uniblog that explains why we haven't figure this out yet — because our priorities are fatally screwed:

Yeah... we're boned.

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