Thursday, June 16, 2011

Can Vancouver redeem itself through crowdnarcing?

Last night's Stanley Cup Loser Riot in Vancouver was a black eye for the city and the team. But there are many in Vancouver who refuse to let their reputation be destroyed by a few assholes. So they decided to out the troublemakers on social media.

"Vancouver 2011 Riot Criminal List" is a collaborative Tumblr photoblog that asks riot witnesses to post photos of people they saw engaged in violence and property damage last night.

It has graphic pictures of guys beating up on other guys, people smashing stuff, and drunken idiots celebrating the chaos.

The Vancouver Police, no doubt, are happy to get so much evidence handed to them. And these idiots really do deserve to be prosecuted.

But it's also wierd to remind yourself that, despite the paranoia of conspiracy theorists, it is not "the government" but rather the actions of cameraphone-carrying concerned citizens that have made sure no place on Earth is hidden from observation, documentation, and publishing.

We have met Big Brother, my friends. And he is us.

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