Monday, July 25, 2011

Anti-merger AT&T/T-Mobile parody ads: perhaps truth, but poorly told

Via, this series of ads simultaneously parody T-Mobile ads and the Mac series that inspired them to protest the AT&T/T-Mobile merger:

Cute writing, but the subpar acting (especially by the men) really detracts from the serious message, which is all about the threats to jobs, innovation, competitive pricing and even free speech posed by a telecom monopoly.

Plus, the faux T-Mobile woman is no substitute for the sparkle of Canada's own Carly Foulkes...


  1. The acting is bad, bad, bad..... sooooooo bad.
    Compare these spots to the Up Yours store parody, via Australia (long removed from youtube):

  2. I blogged about that one, too:

    Thanks for the Vimeo link. I didn't realize the YouTube one was defunct.

  3. I saw that video on your blog, Tom. But it got pulled from YouTube. I contacted the person who posted it there, asking if he could send it to me. He uploaded it again "unlisted" and YouTube removed it one more time! Then he uploaded it on vimeo. Because I really loved it, I downloaded it, using