Monday, July 18, 2011

For the love of all that is vaginal, please stop!

Summer's Eve pissed off women and men alike last year with their appalling "deodorize your ladybits before asking for a raise" ad. Then they baffled with their attempted "That's So Vaginal!" viral.

Now, they're continuing their (ironic, in my opinion) celebration of the vagina in this over-the-top epic:

"Show it a little love"? Seriously?  I'm sure that you already know the best way to love yourself below is to keep scented and irritating products the hell out of there.

According to AdFreak, Summer's Eve attempted to stop the bad PR by going on a "listening tour" of the United States. The result is this campaign from The Richards Group that quickly goes from glorifying ancient motherhood and fertility cults to positioning a woman's sex as a possession for men to fight and kill over. And this is supposed to be a step forward?

This unmitigated crapfest follows hot on the heels of a YouTube campaign featuring patronizing talking vaginahands:

Here's an idea: if you really care so much about women's intimate health, stop spreading misinformation about the malodorousness and care of their privates just to sell useless and damaging chemical crap.

And leave the vagina viral marketing to Mooncup. They do it way better.

That may be it for Work That Matters this week. I'm off to the mostly-offline bliss of the cottage. After reviewing a campaign like this, I need a break from being an adman.

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  1. I'm going to take your word for it. Based on your descriptions, I don't want to be a metric for Summer's Eve YouTube account and help spread the madness.