Saturday, July 16, 2011

Branded breast conquers the Paraguayan soccer market

If you are appalled by sexist advertising, you are going to have a hard time making it through this video case study from Biedermann McCann, Paraguay (the same people who brought you yesterday's childish self-promo ads):

Here are the Cole's Notes: The agency didn't have a large budget to reach male soccer fans during a saturated ad blitz, so they decided to use a pure sex sell. They literally "branded" model Larissa Riquelme by tattooing (temporarily, one hopes) their logo on her left breast. They then marketed her as the "World Cup Girlfriend" on billboards and in public appearances. They proudly add "When people saw Larissa, they looked at her boob. When they looked at her boob, they saw AXE."

It's all very exploitative, and Ms. Riquelme (said to be Paraguay's highest-paid model) is complicit in the objectification of her body. Outside of the AXE promotion, she is also known for getting naked in public to support Team Paraguay.

The use of sex in this consumer campaign is blunt and unapologetic, and the case study treats men as easily-manipulated fools and women as a sensual commodity. My question for you, however, is whether their complete honesty and transparency about their sexploitation makes them any better or worse than advertisers who hide behind a facade of humour or art...

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