Friday, July 29, 2011

F'd Ad Fridays: Bizarre, jingoistic American honey campaign

Here's a strange online campaign...

visit the odd microsite of Sue Bee Honey and you are treated to a Cold War era East German female stereotype in a filthy kitchen full of livestock, telling you how impure honey blends offer better "performance".

It also offers disgusting recipes, like "Hilda's Honey Mustard Fish Heads" and "Hilda's Honey and Radish Cobbler".

The nationality is given as "Blendoslavian", so I suppose no specific nationality could complain (unlike with Borat) but does that make a difference? The Wall may be down, but barriers of cultural ignorance remain. It's especially awkward when you're selling the "purity" of a domestic product.

And Borat, at least, was funny.

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