Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Lancome ad banned in Britain for heavy-handed Julia Roberts Photoshop

AdWomen reports that the UK's Advertising Standards Authority (ASA)  has ordered pulled a make-up ad starring Julia Roberts because "these campaigns don’t show the real results that L’Oreal’s products can achieve."

When did Britney Spears get such a wide mouth?
As I've stated before, despite my objection to many harmful images in advertising, with the exception of really egregious "thinning", photo retouching is not a big issue for me. It's just digital illustration, and should be treated as such. If we can teach that to our impressionable youth, we won't have to worry about them doing tragic post-production work on their own bodies.

I far prefer the Photoshop Disasters approach of exposing and mocking overdone manipulation. In this case, "Pretty Woman" Roberts is not even recognizable as herself.

A Maybelline ad with Christy Turlington was banned for similar reasons.

Maybe she's born with it... maybe it's Photoshop CS5 Extended

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