Wednesday, July 27, 2011

McDonald's provides the best unintentional Mac ad ever

You always knew they were a Big Mac supporter. (Groan)

Adland's editor, Åsk, shared this image on Google+ last night, and I was able to track it back to here.

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It is claimed to be an authentic McDonald's wifi setup guide, with parallel Windows and Mac instructions. (Is Linux on the back?)

For all the reasons I have to hate Apple, this is a good reminder why I love them too.

If you know this to be a hoax, or can provide corroborating sightings, please let me know


  1. Unfortunately, it looks like a hoax to me, or else an horrifically-bad piece of tech writing - in real life, connecting to a WiFi hotspot involves about the same number of steps on Mac and Windows. You could write a Mac version of those instructions that takes the user into the control panel and requires him/her to examine every setting.

    When I chaired XML 2007 in Boston, nearly 100% of our tech-support calls were from MacBook users who couldn't get their computers to work with the WiFi or the projectors. The Linux and Windows laptops just worked. I see the same thing at Bridgehead - almost everyone connects to the WiFi with no problem, but when there's a problem, it's usually an iPad or (less often) a MacBook.

  2. My personal experience has been quite different. Never a problem connecting any of my Apple products to home, office, client, studio or coffee house wi-fi, constant nightmare with my Linux Netbook.

    I also note that my PC "suit" colleagues have a harder time connecting than I do on occasion.

    Anecdotal, but there it is. My favourite thing about Apple has always been the effortless wireless connectivity.