Thursday, July 14, 2011

Rich Italian cat lady takes out full-page ad to mourn departed pet

According to ANSA, 77-year-old Luciana Matalon is a well-known artist in Milan. She took out this full-page ad in Corriere della Sera, Italy's top newspaper, yesterday to express her feelings about losing her cat "Sky".

"My profound feelings are beyond financial measure," she is quoted as saying.

Signora Matalon was deeply attached to her cat, who had filled a void in her life after the death of her husband.

Here is a rough translation of the poem:
Listen to the great silence of the universe.
The world is extinguished.
Today my magic cat, Sky,
was abducted by a neutrino
adrift in galactic space (?)
at 4:30.
And my fragility screams the absence,
the emotion demands attention.
The suspension would like my resignation.
But you, beloved Sky you're in bliss?
You are finally happy?
If so, I will be with you soon
and we will not ever be apart again.

There is no mention of what the ad cost her.

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  1. It was bad to know about sky.As when man is extremely upset and want a helping hand at that time and pet is the best friend of him or her.They become as a very important part of live.