Thursday, July 14, 2011

F*ckedCompany 2.0

Do you remember It's dead now, but a decade ago it was the place to go to read about the implosion of the turn-of-the-century IT bubble.

It was one of those really exciting things in the pre-social web,  a place to get completely uncensored anonymous tips about the latest layoffs, freakouts, and outrages of the technology giants.

Now there's a new source for corporate muck,

A kinder, gentler, and social version of FC, it takes the Wikileaks stance that forced transparency is more righteous than privacy or secrecy:

"we believe speech should be free

Often what should be said isn't because the messenger doesn’t have the right clout, title, or family tree.

Anonymity changes this. Only the quality of your thoughts and ideas have sway here."
They differ from Wikileaks, however, in that they want no proof. ("Office Leaks is focused on the subjective part of work life—emotion, culture and leadership.") So obviously, the potential for damaging mayhem put up by ex-employees or competitors is huge.

Here are their rules:

* You must be at least 18 years of age.
* You are not allowed to post an organization's trade secrets.
* You are not allowed to post copyrighted material.
* Don’t make shit up (i.e., lie).
* Don’t be evil.

Yeah. God luck with that.

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