Thursday, July 14, 2011

PSA warns female geeks about the downside of the "Slave Leia" costume did this hilariously nerdy faux PSA about the overpopularity of the "slave Leia" costume among female sci-fi fans:

The costume, which was burned into every male Gen-X adolescent's mind while watching Return of The Jedi in its original cinematic run in 1983, is a popular geek meme and was famously been referenced on Friends.

From this... this.

Despite becoming an instant sex symbol, however, actress Carrie Fisher said she felt exposed and uncomfortable about the whole experience: "Although being noticed was finally good, it was scary walking around almost naked. The guys didn't seem to notice but I still felt too open. At one point my top fell and I nearly cried."

After years of battling addiction and bipolarism, however, Fisher is now referencing the iconic "metal bikini" in more positive terms as part of her Jenny Craig spokespersonhood: “I would like to have the option of getting back into the metal bikini. I won’t be doing that, but I’d like the option.”

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