Monday, September 19, 2011

Axe turns a single sexual pun into more than a minute of online ad

Because Canadian history and identity are so entwined with the humble little Castor canadensis, we're pretty used to these kinds of jokes. So, while this ad is somewhat funny at first, it could easily have been written by any hoser in Grade 9.

And here's my mental narrative:

Ha! "Beaver"! Oh, that history lesson is so awkwardly sexual when read over the sexy video. Oh, that was a good one! ... Okay, end now. ... Is that still going?

I guess that's why it has had <5K views in three months.


  1. I'm not surprised about the low views.

    What possible connection could the typical 13-year-old male Axe buyer find between the "beaver" and "fur" puns on the one hand, and the creepily-waxed porn he sees on his computer in 2011 on the other? The copywriter was thinking of a different generation of immature males (i.e. ours).

  2. Fortunately for the sustainability of the vulgar euphemism "pussy", there are hairless breeds of cats now.

    "Muff", however, may be doomed.

  3. The euphemism "vagina" (Latin for sword sheath) seems to have had a lot of staying power, too.

  4. The beaver, with his/her undeniable appeal, has long been used in advertising:

    Kotex U

    Molson Canadian