Monday, September 19, 2011

The most beautiful, nastiest, campaign nudes you will see today

These unsettling portraits are by by UK photog Rankin, known for his sexy and disturbing images. (As well as the most sexily disturbing PSA I have seen in quite some time—posted earlier on Osocio.)

For this job, conceived by Beta, London for the British Skin Foundation, the shock is toned down. The pictures are almost too beautiful for the message.

Heh heh heh... "bum crack"

Nice work, though. I hope it gets through.

Find out more about the campaign here.


  1. I feel like you don't get enough comment love - so I'm just picking a random post but I really enjoy reading your blog. And, am still waiting for Cherkees (beef jerky chips) you posted about to be back in production. Keep up the good work!

  2. Hey, thanks Stephanie!

    People are getting more and more reluctant to comment on blog platforms because it's more of a hassle than Twitter or Facebook. I get most of my feedback on those.

  3. People don't comment because they are busy or the content is just not interesting enough. There's something else too. Commenting on blogger is a real pain in the ass. Their captcha system is totally fucked. You enter the right characters and then you are told they didn't match the word. You do it again and again and again. Sometimes I give up after the third try. It's ridiculous.

  4. It is. I get a lot of complaints. But I like it otherwise, so I make due with what I get.