Thursday, September 1, 2011

Birthing a new brand and pushing ad boundaries

Sydney IVF, an Australian fertility clinic, is celebrating its rebranding as "Genea" with a commercial featuring a real human birth.

But is the baby union?

Tastefully filmed and edited, this film was created by Zia Mandviwalla from Curious Film in New Zealand and agency Rhodes Shapter. The unnamed mum is a New Zealander who consented to the intimate six-hour shoot because she was the veteran of two uncomplicated natural births and anticipated a low-risk third.

Some youthful or "childfree" viewers may have a squeamish reaction to this when it is broadcast on Australian TV, but I sincerely hope not. Anyone who has experienced or attended a birth knows that this ad represents something beautiful and essentially human. Not to mention something that none of us would be here without.


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  1. That is beautiful! <3 It needs to be broadcast in the U.S.!(I realize it's an Australian clinic but I can dream;)