Friday, September 30, 2011

F'd Ad Fridays: Every fisherman's nightmare

As somebody who fishes (yes, I know "Fisher" is the inclusive term now), I really hate these ads. Why?

Because accidentally hooking a mammal or bird, especially somebody's pet, is an absolute nightmare scenario. When I was a kid, my dog pierced his nose on a trolling lure when sniffing an open tackle box on an unsteady boat. He had to go into canine surgery to take it out. Just this past summer, a neighbour's dog chased my son's bobber into the lake, and hooked his lip. (The neighbour and I got it out without bloodshed on either side.)

Cute idea in theory, TBWA Vietnam
. But you just turned off your target market with a concept that is way too close to reality.

Via I Believe in Advertising

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  1. in the cat one, the eyelights have square corners! howsabout getting the studio folks to make lights with round corners?