Friday, September 2, 2011

F'd Ad Fridays: The perfect gift for your little van Leeuwenhoek

No, not really.

Ironically, I received this super geeky adult sex toy link as comment spam, and here I am posting about it.

From the product site:

"It might not be made by the space agency but the Nasa Scope is still pretty hi-tech, and a fantastic way to view your own sperm or any other juices you or your partner produce! Use the various lens to get a maximum magnification of 1200 times and REALLY get to know how your body works.

This set includes not only the powerful yet novice-friendly microscope, but also samples for you to test out your scientific skills before you get more personal. There are also slides, filters, a dropper and a spatula included. This has been especially produced for all those curious guys and gals out there, so don't feel squeamish or embarrassed about putting your intimate liquids right under the microscope!
The Nasa Scope features:
  • Includes: samples (fat, sea salt, shrimp eggs, eosin), slides x 4, color filter, pin set, prepared slide x 2, dropper, spatula, surgical knife"
 Surgical knife? What kind of sick shenanigans are they getting up to in the bedrooms of Japan?

Although I do appreciate the historical appropriateness of examining intimate fluids. Antonie Philips van Leeuwenhoek, father of microbiology, famously fell afoul of church authorities for discovering sperm by examining semen under his early microscope.

"I have often observed the sperm of a healthy man without waiting for it to become corrupt or fluid/watery, five or six minutes after ejaculation. I have noticed that a large number of small animals, I think it must be more than a thousand, on an area no larger than a grain of sand."
 Maybe I should be more curious about what kind of shenanigans they're getting up to in the laboratories of The Netherlands.


  1. Tom, I posted this. It wasn't "commercial spam". lol Glad, you liked the Nasa Scope.