Friday, September 23, 2011

F'd Ad Fridays: "Subtle Butt" fart-absorbing pads... and more!

This awful, awful ad is for 'Subtle Butt' disposable gas neutralizers:

Oh yes, it's real. From their site:

"Problems with smelly gas? This pack of 5 saving graces (also affectionately known as fart pads or fart filters) effectively filters the odor caused by flatulence; simply stick one in the right place and you're ready for a chili cook-off. Giving Subtle Butt as a stocking stuffer is much more useful (to you) than charcoal!

Each 3.25" square filter is made of soft fabric with an antimicrobial treatment on the side touching the skin. The fabric is impregnated with activated carbon, which faces the underwear or the pants and has a vast surface area for bad odors to adhere to and get neutralized. Two adhesive strips are strategically placed so you know which side is which. And at around 1/32" thick, you will never know it's there. Now with improved adhesive!"
Subtle Butt is just one of many embarrassing products designed to reduce embarrassment marketed by Solutions The Stick. You can also order:

Nipplomats: reusable satin concealers

The Perk Up: adhesive breast lifts

Knicker Sticker: disposable adhesive underwear

Kitty Carpet: reusable downstairs toupee

Otherwise known as a "merkin"

Trunk in my Junk: male false advertising

And Skid Out: ...skidmark remover?

No, toothpaste drool.

All I can say is this: Their copywriters must get high at the office, every single day.

Have a great weekend.

Subtle tip from The Stir

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