Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Gisele Bündchen presents: A Brazilian reasons to hate this brand

As Copyranter pointed out, these ads for Hope lingerie "use two of the most insulting cliches about women as punchlines".

Not only do they bring up primitive notions that women can't drive or control their spending, but they also imply that the woman has nothing of her own. She apologizes for wrecking "his" car and credit rating. But it's all okay, you see, because he keeps her around for her value as a manipulative sex toy.

All this insult, in just two 15-second spots. Amazing.

Giovanni+Draftfcb of São Paulo, you can fuck off now...

UPDATE: Friend/Reader/Colleague Kerry found another one. Any guesses on which sexist cliché it trots out?


  1. Do you ever get tired poaching content from Copyranter? Every man hates the third "cliche".

  2. It's not poaching if you credit it. And it goes both ways, you know.

  3. It goes both ways indeed. It's just silly to post the same content already posted elsewhere, especially if elsewhere is a popular blog/site. Adfreak does this too, and sometimes they don't even credit.

  4. Well, I only repost if I feel I have some insight of my own to offer the readers. Your call if you read it or not. Cheers.