Thursday, September 1, 2011

Lingerie campaign makes fun of women celebrities who "forget" to wear underpants

In an era in which celebrity women no longer appear to wear underpants, what is a high-end lingerie manufacturer to do?

In the case of Agent Provocateur, you release a saucy video (ironically featuring malfunction queen Paz de la Huerta) showing that having "wardrobe malfunctions" in non-commando mode is preferable when paparazzi are present:

Sure, while the models exude confidence it's still brazenly sexualized. But still somewhat classier than being constantly reminded (via the trash press) of Paris, Britney or Lindsay's intimate depilation regimes.

Via Illegal Advertising

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  1. "it's still brazenly sexualized".

    Yes it is! And it should be! This is Agent Provocateur. Are you not familiar with the brand? Have you not seen the commercial with Kylie Minogue, which, if I remember correctly, was banned in Australia or UK or somewhere else?

    The spot is great. Love the music, and the cheeky headlines.