Friday, October 14, 2011

F'd Ad Fridays: Clorox ad stained by sexism

You know, this ad would have been amusing and entertaining if it had been done in the 1960s.

Today, it is still slickly written and acted, with lots of mayhem.

It also delivers the following messages:

1. Laundry is mom's job
2. Moms are no fun
3. Dads have no responsibilities at home
4. Boys will be boys
5. Men will be boys
6. Girls will be boys (until they grow up, become moms, do laundry and become no fun)
7. Clorox believes that this is the way it should be (and they have a history of telling us that)

You know what, Clorox? You stink.

Agency: Big Fuel

Via Agency Spy


  1. this might be because of all the cookies i had for lunch...

    i sort like the idea of filling up your water gun with colored liquids.

    > It also delivers the following messages:

    1. laundry is done by men also
    2. at least one parent has the the strict one, and the other one secretly wants to 'play' when the other is away.
    3. see 2.
    > 4. Boys will be boys
    5. in this scenario, dad is more like a dog who obeys its master when master is present.
    6. girls will be boys until they grow up
    7. clorox will save your butt when you have been playing too hard.

    up to the reveal, it could have been an ad for wal-mart, where dad goes and buy everyone new clean clothes.


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