Friday, October 28, 2011

F'd Ad Fridays: Senior citizens gone wild!

This was a PSA of The Day at The Daily What, who wrote:

"Lancashire Police are warning resident to be on the lookout for a band of menacing pensioners roaming the streets and wreaking havoc. 
The (mostly) tongue-in-cheek PSA attempts to convey the message that anti-social behavior of any sort would not be tolerated in Lancashire, irrespective of age."

It is a rather silly ad, using the overdone "old people acting like young people" trope that Pepsi used to rely so heavily on.

Plus, it's hard not to think about Monty Python the whole time...


  1. i had the opp to give some seniors a boat ride. as soon as the boat left the dock, out came two wine bottles (already opened) and plastic glasses. these guys were prepared! and there were six of them. half an hour later, we returned to the dock. they were snockered! i am glad i did not have to drive them back to their home.


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