Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Australia is now selling virgins online

The Telegraph reports that an australian escort agency has, among its various women for hire, a 19-year-old student who is offering her virginity for $15000.

And indeed, there it is:

Her nationality is given as Chinese, as well as these vitals:

  • Name : MOC Virgin    
  • Age : 19
  • Body Size : 6
  • Cup Size : B
  • Height : 166
  • Language : English, Mandarin
  • Type : Student
  • Speciality :Virgin
  • Bookings : 15000/Virgin

The most disturbing part (if it can get any worse) is her "must sold by" date of 12/12.

Obviously, this is upsetting both to moralists and to human rights advocates.

The Australian Christian Lobby commented, "selling someone else's virginity takes the cause of women's liberation back centuries." And it does.

Anti-trafficking organization Brothel Busters representative Chris Seage says that he believes the woman is  in it willingly. "There is a sadly recurring theme among young Asian girls who come to Australia to study and work, and get themselves into debt. It is clear she is doing this because she needs the money urgently."

Apparently Australia has no laws against the offer to sell virginity, or that an agency would profit by it.

"This is pretty common in Sydney," said an anonymous spokesman from the escort service, adding that they already have two interested pigs perverts clients. She will get to keep about half of the price on her maidenhead.


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