Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Stiffy's Vodka forced to change its name to something less penile

According to The Drum, a UK brand of flavoured booze Stiffy's Vodka has had to re-brand in response to a complaint by competitor Molson Coors Brewing Company that the drink’s name was “overtly sexual reference, or a comment about the alcoholic strength of the drink”. They made this complaint to The Portman Group, which is the self-regulating body for alcohol producers.

The report is kind of fun reading:

"In considering the complaint, the Panel noted that ‘stiffy’ was a common slang term for an erection and considered that the brand name therefore had strong sexual connotations.  The company, Stiffy’s Shots Ltd (trading as VC2) maintained that the brand name had been chosen because ‘Stiffy’ was the nickname of a person involved in the development of the drink; it had not been chosen for its sexual connotations.  The Panel acknowledged that while the company may not have deliberately set out to link the product with sexuality, the brand name alluded to sexual success and accordingly found the product in breach of the responsibility Code."
Molson-Coors also complained that the candy-themed flavours "Jaffa Cake" and "Kola Kubez" were aimed at minors, but that was not upheld. The company, in consultation with Portman Group’s Advisory Service, has agreed to change the brand name to "Stivy’s".

Me, I would have complained about false advertising. Because if there's anything that won't give you a stiffy, it's too many sweet teenybopper wobble pops.

And for the love of God, never do a Google Image Search for "Stiffy's"...


  1. Molson Coors clearly feeling the pressure from their loss in market share that they feel the need to go out of their way to pick on the smaller companies.

    Trying to use there dominant position to their advantage - disgraceful.

  2. I haven't heard of anything so rediculous. This definitely corporate underhandedness on molson coors behalf. Shame on the portman group for being so easily manipulated.