Friday, November 4, 2011

F'd Ad Fridays: Human rights for sale... cheap

George Takei's equal rights group shared a link that led me to this:

That's right. All you have to do is get five of your fellow citizens to throw gay people under the bus in the next election, and you'll be entered in a draw for a $100 Visa card!

According to Minnesota for Marriage:
"Recently, a bi-partisan majority of the legislature voted to place the Minnesota Marriage Amendment on the 2012 statewide ballot to ensure that the people of Minnesota have a voice on this important issue. Please join us today to preserve marriage!"
But the Minnesota Independent points out:
"Bribery, advancing money, and treating prohibited. A person who willfully, directly or indirectly, advances, pays, gives, promises, or lends any money, food, liquor, clothing, entertainment, or other thing of monetary value, or who offers, promises, or endeavors to obtain any money, position, appointment, employment, or other valuable consideration, to or for a person, in order to induce a voter to refrain from voting, or to vote in a particular way, at an election, is guilty of a felony."
So in this case, perhaps the "F" for this campaign could also stand for "felonious"...


  1. "Drive for Five" sounds like a polygamist motto. You sure that's from Minnesota and not Utah?

  2. Interesting ... I would agree with the Minnesota Independent that this is, in effect, purchasing vote ..