Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Fundamentalist book reviews: Walmart Edition

A YouTube user calling himself "GodGunsGutsGlory4KJV" has taken it on himself to expose Walmart's secret plot to turn America's children over to witchcraft, satanism, and possibly even liberalism with morals-destroying books DISPLAYED IN PLAIN VIEW while the Bibles are on the bottom shelf.

In case you aren't sufficiently impressed by his righteousness, he liberally (sorry, "conservatively") peppers Bible verse art cards throughout the video.

The other issues he tackles in his online video series are "chem trail" conspiracies, vaccination (he's against), television the literal truth of the King James Bible and "those who are giving their child over to the filthy lucre of modeling or hollywood!"

It's really good to see this guy doing so much work to protect our children. (Except for his, who he seems to keep ignoring and losing track of at Walmart.)

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