Wednesday, November 16, 2011

William Shatner serves fried turkey with ham

In the decades since leaving Montreal for Hollywood, the Shat has traded in his smoked meat for southern fried turkey. (As well as an October Thanksgiving for a November one.)

And State Farm has hired him as the spokesman for a PSA to prevent turkey frying fires:

It's long, but it's worth it to get every morsel of Shat's signature over-the-top delivery.

Via Adfreak


  1. 'The Shat' is a bit of an unfortunate name... where I'm from 'shat' is used as the past tense for 'to shit' - e.g. 'bloody hell, the dog just shat on the carpet, can you clean it up?' Poor guy.

  2. The nickname is well-known in that context. Some people around here mention that they need to "take a Shatner".

  3. :-) thank goodness he's canadian! :-) him and the hockey night host with the too tight collar - who-weee!!! :-) you guys get all the good ones! :-)