Sunday, December 4, 2011

OB apologizes to me personally, gives me a tampon coupon

Awww, thanks guys. You really shouldn't have.

According to Jezebel, this is a campaign by OB to try to win back customers in Canada after a supply disruption took the tiny tampons off the market last year. Jez comments, "For some reason, O.B. is only apologizing to Canadians at the moment" — well, duh! Effusive apology is such a Canadian thing to do.

And this is totally over the top. You enter your name in their interactive site, and this mopey man sings the hygienic product's apology to you as your name is tattooed on his arm, written in rose petals, and spread across the sky.

I'm touched, really. Deep in my... umm... where do you put those things again?

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