Thursday, January 26, 2012

Alex Bogusky came up with a better slogan than me

This blog is based on a brand statement I developed several years ago for Acart, which is "We're here to do work that really matters." It's been shortened, since, to "work that matters".

Today, I saw that I've been one-upped with a four-letter-word.

Why didn't I think of that? Oh yeah, because I'm not Alex Bogusky.
This saying isn’t just important because it captures the reason COMMON exists (to creatively accelerate social change, if you’re curious) – it also keeps us focused, motivated and calm in the midst of our most massive creative suck holes. 
It’s ‘Do Shit That Matters.’ 
But doing shit that matters is hardly just something that we care about. As we’ve so thoroughly discovered in our community’s first year, doing shit that matters is important to almost everyone. Those four words are the reason we like getting up in the morning. They’re the reason we make the decisions we make. They’re the reason working doesn’t really feel like work. Most of the time.

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