Thursday, January 26, 2012

Zahia Dehar sells her body for fashion

Zahia Dehar made world headlines when it was discovered she was working as a call-girl to several well-known French soccer players when she was only 17.

Now 19, she has found a way to sell her body legitimately (with help from a Hong Kong investor and Karl Lagerfeld) as the "face" of a new couture lingerie line.

As you can see from the video, however, her face is not the focus of the brand.

WWD described this scene at her launch:
"Puzzled guests opened the black boxes left on their seats to discover a miniature pink chocolate rendition of Dehar’s assets, nestled in black tissue paper. Life-sized versions, rendered in metallic pink, were dotted through a pitch-dark space where waiters served Champagne after the show."
Actual product design is apparently not integral to the brand, either:
"...the money poured into the show could not disguise her lack of experience. Models stood on revolving podiums in designs ranging from a black hourglass corset festooned with pink petals to a bodysuit consisting of little more than a giant pink satin bow and matching pasties. With its Manga esthetic, the collection navigated an uncomfortable line between infantile and erotic. A scantily clad Dehar emerged for the finale, flashing come-hither looks as pink petals showered down from above. "

So what exactly is she selling?


You tell me.

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  1. She's selling you exactly what 'you' had come to the show for, a hot lingerie fashion show along with a little piece of herself. This is who she is, a sexy bombshell who has obviously worked countless hours at the gym to have that 'perfect' physique. She's proud of her accomplishments and just because she accomplished this while naked/practically naked shows that she's got some real balls or courage, if you will. She's obviously worked it hard to get to where she is today and deserves her fame and fortune. Why do we so easily forget goddess-like icons like Phryne, who openly challenged the absurd political manipulation of males stunted by the power of feminine beauty. Those political pundits are the true whores of the human experience.