Friday, January 27, 2012

F'd Ad Fridays: Smooth Groove helps women say 'no' to the... you know...

This is a real product. Think about it: people designed, manufactured and marketed this.

They even made a promo video:

It's not the only such product. Camelflage makes toe-proof underpants. (Complete with "before and after" photos O_O)

It's interetsing the times we live in. "Cameltoe" is the new "panty lines" — except that it describes a much more intimate wardrobe malfunction. In just a few years, the term has gone from porny internet reference to mainstream conversation.

Even Lulu Lemon got in on the action:

Is this the end of "decency," an example of pornification of everyday life, or just the natural result of third-wave feminism?

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