Monday, January 2, 2012

Fishing Lure or Sex Toy?

The funny thing about branding is what it tells you about the target market. In the case of fishing gear, that market includes some rather unsophisticated guys who use a lot of sexualized language and imagery when discussing their favourite sport. The result is brand names that sound... well... dirty.

Click the list of brand names below to see pictures of the products they promote. But before you click, try to guess if it's a lure or a sex toy. You might be surprised.

(And, it should go without saying, that the sex toy images may not be appropriate for the workplace, library, or a computer you share with your mom.)

Atomic Teaser



Black Fury

Slurpies Flippin' Tube



Doc Johnson


French Hook

Wow No. 3

Giant Thunderstick

Booty Call

Slab Daddy


Swedish Pimple

Mud Bug

Heddon Torpedo

Wally Diver

Double Dawg

Big Teaze

Hustler Escort Series

12" Titan Tube


  1. Here's an earlier version, though some of the products may be unavailable years later:

  2. That's awesome. I knew it was too obvious for me to have been the first to notice. :) Thanks for sharing!

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