Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Are these golden arches untouchable?

We've seen logos done with flowers on embankments before. But with this evil-minded idea, Sean Click proposes a guerrilla form of brand creep that leaves a permanent mark on the landscape.

According to his site, he would design the logo using seeds of the California poppy, and:
"Since the California poppy is the state flower, the legislature has protected the plant. It is illegal to pick, destroy, or dig up a California poppy."
 Ha ha ha. But the joke is on Sean. Just like the trillium here in Ontario, the California poppy is no more protected than any other plant on public land. (You're not supposed to pick anything there, unless you are authorized to do so.)

Not to mention that poppies are prolific self seeders (like McDonalds, they are an invasive species in Europe). Even if left alone by state landscapers, the M would turn into a big yellow blob pretty soon anyway.

Tip via Buzzfeed

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