Friday, February 24, 2012

How not to get people to look at your hats #FdAdFriday

Fashionista asked Welsh milliner Robyn Coles why she premiered her new hat collection at London Fashion Week using nude models (including a pregnant woman).

The response was refreshing:
"It’s a basic, honest publicity scam! As a new designer I want to get people to see my work and now. I hope that people who look at the show like the light-hearted choice of nudity, appreciate the different forms of the human body and above all – like my work. It was about getting as many people there as possible."
Although her claim that nude pregnant models is something you never see on the catwalk is a little off. Has she never seen Prêt-à-Porter?

You can see all the models, male and female, at the Fashionista link.

(As a straight man, I feel honour bound to add a naked penis warning to my fellow uptight lads.)

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  1. it is kind of refreshing, seeing the natural bodies...