Thursday, February 9, 2012

@StoddenDrawn visualizes @CourtneyStodden's Tweets

No sooner did I lower my blogging standards with a post about Courtney Stodden than I got a Tweet from a guy who told introduced himself thusly:

This is what I love about our modern communication culture. Not only can a teenager, who marries a man in his fifties for publicity, become internet famous — but some anonymous wag with coloured pencils and a scanner can also make her bizarre alliterative Tweets into art.

Drawn Stodden Tweets is a Tumblr that documents the "best" of Ms. Stodden's ramblings with crudely-drawn literal visualizations.

Here is his explanation:

"I draw some of the weirdness that Courtney Stodden tweets.  Follow on the Titillating Twitter: @StoddenDrawn You can ask me anything. I'll try and answer it like Courtney (i.e. I'll be hopped up on tanning lotion, meth and glitter)"

He even documents her occasional lapses into being a "good Christian":

Cheap shots on an easy target? Sure. But at least it's creative.

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