Friday, March 2, 2012

American Atheists going after Muslims and Jews now #FdAdFriday

Animal NY reports that the Hebrew one will be erected in an Jewish area of Williamsburg (known for its Hasidic community) and the Arabic one will appear in a predominantly Muslim area of Paterson, New Jersey (home of the American Arab Forum).

It's as if American Atheists are daring both communities to see which one reacts first, and how.

I just think it's stupid. And I don't even believe in any god. But affronting people's deeply-held faith with fighting words like this is no way to open minds. It will just shut you out more forcefully.

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  1. it's not atheists versus religion, it is 'a personal experience with god' versus organized religion. the organized religions, atheists being one branch of that, are worried and confuzed by the changes to come (and that are happening already).

    similar to record companies finding out that no one physically buys music any more - they just d/l it.