Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Oh my god, there's toaster chicken now

Dig the sunglasses and odd attempt at slang.
That will show the kids that this is an "extreme" snack.
Totally rad!

Laid up at home with broken bones, I just saw a version of this ad during Kitchen Nightmares:

Here's another one:

And then:

Apparently, this product was launched about a year ago in Canada by Janes Family Foods.

The pitch:
"What could be better than a high-quality protein snack straight from your toaster?! All the key things mom expects from a Janes product like no trans fats, low in saturated fats, all white meat chicken. And, all the things a teen needs in a snack - fully cooked, easy to heat, tasty, and portable. This is a mobile generation - and this is a snack that fits. A delicious hot snack that can ‘fill the gap’ after school with high quality protein that can carry kids to the next activity."
And the nutritional profile:

Yeah, I know. It's just a very wide and shallow chicken finger. But is it really such a good idea to have your kids cooking a congealed lump of chicken fat in your toaster? It seems messy. And dangerous.

Plus, it doesn't take a garbage food genius to realize these puppies were custom manufactured for homemade Double Downs.

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  1. what is that sound near the end of the first video ('toaster chicken') supposed to be? it sounds like someone peeing?