Monday, March 19, 2012

Snow White and the Seven Unwanted Pregnancies

What a strange ad, by Portugal's Fuel agency for Ajuda de Mae ("Help for Mothers'). Although it would seem that it is supposed to be a warning against unwanted pregnancy, the organization itself is an anti-abortion one, with a mission "to support Mother of pregnant women, respect for the life of unborn baby, so that with this support, each parent can improve the lives of their families."

They do, however, seem to support family planning as an educational organization. But considering their overall message of creating healthy families, the negative example of seven little people  making life miserable for Snow White seems rather negative.

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Plus, the ad is shamefully similar to Vancouver photographer Dina Goldstein's portrayal of Snow White in her excellent "Fallen Princesses" series. Ripoff? Hmmm...

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