Thursday, March 22, 2012

These messages brought to you by #WorldWaterDay

It's World Water Day today, and I'm up to my baby blues in "real" work, so here's a compilation of classic water-related PSAs to remind us all of what's at stake if we don't keep our water resources clean and safe (hint: we all die).

Matt Damon's viral PSA "making of" freakout (contains F-bombs, via

Jennifer Connelly has to fetch water from Central Park to live (via search)

Wasting Water is Weird (via Osocio)

Sweden's controversial "dirty water" mom via (Adfreak)

A strikingly similar (and earlier) PSA from the UK (via The Next Good Idea)

Yet another execution of the same idea, again via AdFreak

And again, for UNICEF (via Ads of The World)

And, now for something completely different...

Surfrider Foundation: "Butts" (found via search)

The message is clear: Never take clean water for granted.

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