Friday, March 2, 2012

Vodka created by women, for women, who want to get girl drink drunk #FdAdFriday

Jezebel's headline, "Finally, a Feminine Vodka Specially Formulated to Get Your Vagina Drunk" may be more biting, but considering that making alcohol suppositories out of vodka-soaked tampons is already a thing now, it's a tiny bit misleading.

Little Black Dress Vodka is a line of flavoured and unflavoured vodkas branded especially for women, with patronizing copy like:

"There's nothing quite like a timeless classic, yet you're flattered by followers of your exceptional style. Sure, you've got your head on straight, but anyone who knows you knows you're always up for anything."

Although, considering it is written by women, I suppose "matronizing" would be more accurate.

I guess it's no worse than drinks that try too hard to be masculine.

But it's still silly. Do you think anyone will fall for it?


  1. > "matronizing"

    great word!!!


  2. Thanks, I-)

    You're my favorite Anonymous, by the way.